bamboo fiber mugs

Made From Natural Bamboo Fiber – Organic Material

Eco Friendly Re-Usable Mugs

From Nature, Back To Nature – 100% Recycable

organic material

Organic Material

We use biodegradable bamboo fiber as the main material which organic and re-usable. And we only use harmless organic color pigment

bio degradable

100% Bio-Degradable

An easily sustainable option as a highly renewable material and completely eco-friendly. It starts as a natural substance on Earth and ends that way too

safety certificate

Safety Certificate

Our molded bamboo fiber products have passed the test from SGS, FDA & LFGB, etc. We promise all our products are harmless to health

More Bamboo Fiber Less Plastic

Compostable & Biodegradable Material Makes Healthy Life & Green Planet

bamboo fiber recycle

4.4 Billion Galons Water Saved Per Year

1.8 Million Lbs Trees Saved Per Year

2.5 Billion Lbs CO2 Reduced Per Year

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